Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exercise! Exercise! (At your workplace)

Nowadays, with the current economic situation, employer tried their best to maximise productivity in efficient manner. And always, health care is not taken into account and not the crucial issue towards productivity. Most employer doesn't realise that taking health care into account may impact health claims and sick leave (MC) which will increase the productivity. In my opinion, it is part and major HR responsibilities of employer to boost employee health and well-being with '0' cost as its hard to provide corporate fitness programs.
Exercise break
To ensure lower health care claim and sick leave, employer need to produce active employee. 30 minutes is enough for simple exercise without sweat. This exercise break must be supervise by the superior to ensure the exercise time was spend wisely (not for tea/coffe break)
Choose the colour
Choose colours that soothing like blue and green. Use colours for department with creative thinking an dlive discussion
Get outside
I believe, most employer encourage employee to get outside and active thru task assign. Try to set a breath of freash air and get some sunlight. Organising family day with sports competition may help to boost morale and team solidarity too.
Improve the quality of indoor air
Plants in the office may improve indoor air quality. Choose green plant which may soothing. Create a corner with natural environment - employer may create this environment at cafe/canteen.
No sweat exercise
Work on proper posture. Instead of sit on a chair, employer may provide exercise ball to strengthen abs and back. Stand up and move around - try to avoid using intercom to communicate among the employee. Count your steps and aim for 6,000 to 10,000 steps - swing arms and take deep breath to feel more alert.
Make it natural
Natural light - sunlight can reduce stress and fatigue which may enhance productivity. Use full-spectrum lights that mimic sunlight's benefits in other areas.

Get start now! Be active!

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