Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Article 'Retain Your Brain Power'

Generally, our system and storage of memory will decline as we get older which we will need longer to retrieve and process information stored in memory parallel with our age. However, for people with healthy lifestyle, their cognitive abilities remain sharp.

Poor physical health may caused the decline as people takes it as normal part of ageing. Fortunately, few techniques may help to retain brain power.

Exercise and Sufficient Rest
Our body release a natural painkiller called endorphins when we exercise. We will feel more energetic and cheerful. Men who exercise moderately have 17% lower risk of Parkinson's disease than sedentary men. Exercise also may help people with depression. Studies also shown that older people's cognitive abilities decline leas. Exercise with 3 times a week for older people's were about a third less to develop Alzheimer's. A quality night sleep is important to regenerates. 15 minute quality nap during day time may recharge your mind and body energy.
Keep Learning
Intellectual activities produce favourable changes in brain and play neuroprotective role against dementia. Low level of formal education and poor linguistic skills will influence declining in cognitive abilities in future. Brain exercise Will ensure continuous growth brain cells. Learning will exercise your memory and survival of new brain cells. Nerves and cells will connect when brain is active which will facilitate effective synaptic activity. This will exercise your brain to store and retrieve information easily, regardless of age. You may try some brain exercise such as learning musical instrument, new hobby which requires skills, switch careers, learning foreign language, learn to cook new dish and etc.
Concentrate and Stay Focused
As we get older, the brain become less efficient and easily get distract by environment. However, recent study showed that level of brain ability to digest sensory information is more effective to people who able to concentrate and stay focused in a noisy room. As brain exercise, try to focus and concentrate in noisy environment, listen intently and memorise shopping list, puzzle and memory games and etc.
Check your Blood Sugar
Women with chronically elevated blood sugar have a greater risk of mild cognitive impairment or dementia, even if they are not diabetic. Perpetually high blood sugar may cause brain and blood vessel damage. Exercise is the best solution to burn glucose for fuel and this will help stabilise blood sugar level. Also, watch your food!
Feed Your Brain
Balanced diet that's rich in omega oils, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins may contribute to sharper memory. Fish is one of good source for essential oil neeeded by cells to function optimally. Apples, bell peppers, celery, bamboo shoots etc may help too.
Antioxidants for your brain
As our brain ages, important nerve cells become less capable of protecting themselves from free radicals which candamage cells and contribute to mental decline. Fortunately, body system can protect itself against axidative stress by producing antipxidants. Fruits with vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium is well-known antioxidants. Vitamin B is important as well in preserving brain function which can control onflammation and promote to develop new brain cells.
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Source : Jee Wan, Thrive-Mutual Priority Service Gold

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